Our Environment and Health and Safety Policy

Superpar structures her Environment and Health and Safety Management Systems with the principle of holding harmless ecological balance and health and safety of the employees. Our common belief is leaving a livable world to next generations, act with environmental consciousness in every area.

1. Our environmental approach is not domestic but global.
2. We are conscious that the best course of action is determine and destroy the problem at its source
3. We will keep a management system to ensure the continuous improvement of our Environment-
Health and Safety performance.
4. We will identify the dangers in advance to avoid working accident and occupational illness and
we will provide necessary sources to keep such dangers under control.
5. We will determine previously the effects to the environment of or products and new designed
products and provide recycling design.
6. We will design our production methods to keep waste level in minimum.
7. We will use natural sources in minimum so contribute them not to end.
8. We will prevent possible environmental pollution which is a result of our activities with scientific
and economic methods.
9. We will control the wastes and remove them by avoiding any harm to the nature.
10. We will act in accordance with related legislation and customer requirements.
11. We will provide an environment to our employees to work in safe and health.
12. We have a principle to gain to our employees especially sustainable environment and Health
and Safety consciousness, ways to protect the environment. We will demand this from our suppliers.