Our Quality Policy

Our customers are reason for being and source of our company's sustainability.
Our customer is struggling with the competitors and wants to see us beside them.
We should know that we are one of the options for the customer and our duty is ensuring to be preferred.

To do this;
We will work to improve our process continuously to increase added value of our job and to be more fruitful.
We will treat to each other, to our customers and to our suppliers with the principle of “Everybody wins”.
We will work enthusiastically to be a company which adopts total quality principles and to submit service and product to our customers over their expectations.
We will in open and fair contact with each other, our customers and our suppliers
We will endeavour that our products to reached in excellent level
We will admit changing as natural and support creativity.
We will improve ability and competence of our employees.
We will leave a clear environment to next generations.