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Measurement and testing services are provided to our customers by using the high technology.

•Yxlon X-Ray Device
•Yxlon CT(Computer Tomography) Device
•Bosello X-Ray Device
•Spectrometer (2 Pcs.)
•Metalurgical Analysis Microscope
•Density and Density Index Measurement Device
•Metalurgical Test Sample Preperation Equipment
•Leak Test Devices (Air to Air and Air to Liquid Leak Tests)
•3D Measurement Devices ZEISS Contura (2 Pcs.)
•3D Measurement Devices DEA (2 Pcs.)
•Optical Scanning Device (Zeiss-Comet L3D 2M)
•Contour Measurement Device (MAHR)
•Profile Projektor
•Roughness Test Devices (Mitutoyo)
•Digital Hardness Test Device (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers)
•Visual Control Microscope
•Industrial Endoscopy Device
•Cleanliness Test Laboratory (Automatic Particul Detection and Counting System + Particul Weight Control)
•Spring Force Test
•Static ve Dynamic Torquemeters
•Automatic and Manuel Control Fixtures for Casted and Machined Parts which Specially Designed by Project