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Superpar Quality Policy

As one of the Turkey's leading automotive supplier;

We are committed to continuously growth, improving our Quality Management System and fulfilling all applicable requirements which are including legal and regulatory requirements.

We acknowledge the needs and challenges of the industry (High Risk / High Cost).

Our goal; To develop effective processes that will ensure compliance with the requirements.

This approach; It will help to ensure the sustainability of our organization, that our corporate know-how is maintained for the continuous provision of products and equipment and for business continuity purposes.

We are committed to implementing accredited Automotive Quality Management System through the cooperation, motivation and effective compliance of all interested parties.

This situation; consistency in approach, continuous improvement and confidence in our processes to provide products and services that meet the requirements.

With the support of this policy, we will set quality objectives that align with our business strategy and the changing context of our organization. These objectives will be reviewed in business update meetings held by senior management quarterly.

We are committed to improving customer satisfaction by effectively implementing our Automotive Quality Management System and by adopting a socially responsible attitude in the manufacture, assembly and service of all our products and services, in relevant locations and business operations.