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Superpar Code of Conduct

Superpar is aware of its responsibilities towards customers, shareholders, employees and other communities which Superpar is working with. Within this scope, Superpar Code of Conduct was delveloped in order to define social, environmental and ethical responsibilities that are accepted at international and national levels. Superpar expects its principles and practices to be adopted also by its suppliers.

 1. General Principles, Laws and Regulations
Social responsibility shall be upholded in all business dealings. In all business activities and decisions, the laws in effect and any other applicable provisions shall be respected.

2. Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery
Any form of corruption, extortion or abuse is prohibited, not to be practiced and not be to tolerated. Unethical behavior may not be used to unlawfully influence others in business dealings by exchanging gifts or offering or granting other benefits.

3. Respect for the Basic Human Rights of Employees
Internationally recognized human rights shall be respected and supported. Every form of forced or compulsory labor shall be eliminated. Human trafficking may not be tolerated. Child labour which are under the minimum age specified in the applicable laws may not be employed. The principle of equal opportunity shall be applied and supported while selecting and promoting employees. Employees may not be exposed to any discriminatory treatment on the basis of age, disability, race, ethnicity, skin color, gender, pregnancy, sexual identity, nationality, religion, marital status or other characteristics. Discriminatory behaviour and sexual harassment may not be tolerated. Freedom of association shall be repected in accordance with the applicable laws.

4. Working hours, holidays and wages
National lesiglation and agreements regarding working hours, paid holidays, wages and other benefits shall be complied with.

5. Health, Safety and Environmental Protection
In order to ensure the health and safety of the employees, all negative factors shall be eliminated, systematic precautions shall be taken and all employees shall get regular trainings on occupational health and safety. In order to fight against climate change and protect air quality, necessary efforts shall be made and greenhouse gas emission values ​​shall be kept at appropriate values. Consumption of natural resources such as water and natural gas shall be kept under control. By carrying out responsible chemicals management, harmful wastes to the environment shall be minimized and protection of water quality shall be aimed. Reduction in energy consumption shall be provided by choosing energy efficient equipment & practices.

6. Competition and Conflict of Interest
Compliance to fair competition shall be ensured and conflict of interest shall be avoided in all cases.

7. Security of Information
All confidential information as well as trade and business secrets shall be carefully protected and shall not be disclosed to third parties without authorization. The confidentiality of personal data in commercial transactions shall be protected and the security of this information shall be ensured.

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